Time for Operational Excellence

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How Much Excellence Is in Your Operation?

A new book by former HP Executive Dieter Legat is a how-to guide for getting to operational excellence. Surf the Waves of Opportunity: Lead your business to operational excellence with five things done right, draws on Legat’s many years of operational and consulting experience to provide a working model that…

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Capital goods are expensive machines which are used for many years before being disposed of. Examples like advanced medical systems, electronic microscopes and lithography systems are highly complex and customer-specific. Instead of selling off-the-shelf, these products are configured in consultation with the customer. The end product is in most cases…

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Maakindustrie top 100

Maakbedrijven zijn onmisbaar voor de BV Nederland. Daarom voor het vierde jaar op rij: de Maakindustrie-100, een lijst vol Hollands Glorie om trots op te zijn. http://www.mt.nl/688/maakindustrie-100-2016

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About Scoperations

Scoperations is able to support operational departments.

Based on 10 years operational experience Scoperations is capable to assist companies on various challenges, for example operational procurement, setting up a new supply chain and helping with ISO certifications.

With the Scoperations approach a customer will be assured on a clear project approach, measured and controlled.